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Normal fur, marked in a pattern

Your bunny's fur is marked in a pattern.

The first few patterns are pretty certain to identify your rabbit:

Does the rabbit have a dark-colored body, with a white triangle on the face and a white "saddle" across the shoulders and front legs?

It's a Dutch rabbit - click here to go to the Dutch Rabbit page

Does the rabbit have markings that look like a medieval jester - a face split down the middle, with alternating darker and lighter body stripes (colors go right around the rabbit's body) or bars (bars are offset on one side of the body and the other)?

It's probably a Harlequin - click here to go to the Harlequin page

Is the rabbit all white, except for dark-colored "mascara" around the eyes?

It's either a Blanc de Hotot or Dwarf Hotot - click here to go to the Hotot page

Does the rabbit have a white body with a "racing stripe" down the back, and a regular pattern of spots or clusters of spots on the sides? Note that the spots have to be regular - that is, the same pattern of spots on each side, not just a whole lot of various-sized and -shaped splotches of color (that's called "broken", and many breeds come in broken varieties).

That could be one of several breeds - for the next choice, click here to go to UPRIGHT / NORMAL / PATTERN / SPOTTED

Does the rabbit have a slim body, with the back curving from the neck down to the tail (this is called "full arch"), and the body is a dark color with tan running from the bunny's chin down to the underside?

It's a Tan - click here to go to the Tan page

These patterns might identify a breed, but...

Some fur patterns define breeds of rabbit, but are also found as color patterns in other breeds. The next few patterns are like that - read the notes on each page carefully to see what other breeds might share the same coloration.

Does the bunny have a body in a more-or-less solid color with a dark nose, and possibly other uniform dark areas like ears and feet?

That pattern appears in many different breeds - for the next choice, click here to go to UPRIGHT / NORMAL / PATTERN / HIMI

Does the bunny have dark fur with white on the belly, chest, underside of tail, insides of legs, feet, chin, nostrils, eye circles, inside of ears, and a silver triangle at the nape of the neck? There may be some silver hairs around the white areas.

This could be a Silver Marten - but the same color pattern, called "silver marten" or "otter", appears in other breeds. Click here to go to the Silver Marten page and also check out the "Otter or Marten Pattern" section on our FUR COLOR TABLE.

If none of these seem to describe the rabbit, click here to go to UPRIGHT / NORMAL / OTHER

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