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I apologize if im not following rules, but I just need a quic answer, not to search through page after page of information I dont need.

I have a baby cottontail, dont know the age, or gender, I just simply need to know whether goat milk is good for them or not. I see where people say it is an some say it isnt, I want an experienced opinion.

I lost 2 babies, not sure why, just know they had diarrhea, would not eat, an would lay limply in my hand.

I am feeding my last baby a mixture of KMK, goat colostrum, a dab of honey, with a sprinkle of a probiotic replacement. This baby has lived a week past the other 2.

Is there anybody with any insight on raising cottontails on the forum?

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I have no idea about goat milk. Critical Care would be good until it's old enough to eat bunny [not rabbit] pellets & alfalfa hay. Oxbow is a good brand for both. And what is KMK?

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I know I saw a thread on here about someone who tried hand raising a litter of cottontails, none made it

I believe kitten formula is good for baby bunnies if I can recall correctly.
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Maybe try calling a local widlife rescue or exotic vet and ask
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I know you mentioned you do not know the age, but how is it looking? Fur, eyes open? Could you possibl post a picture? By 3 weeks cottontails are weaned in the wild.

Is there a way you can get cecals from a healthy bunny to mix in for the baby? I am really not sure about feeding goat milk. I have a recipe for food for baby buns but I'll have to go look for it. I've used it with some luck with abandoned baby bunnies (yes, I do know they were abandoned) but only for a bit less then a week until I found a nest to put them in.
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Thank you all but I lost the last one to a cat. To answer your questions KMK is kitten milk replacer(I think) at least that is what I was using. I happen to live in a tiny town, that has the unluck of having no rehabilitators (this left me raising 2 squirrels who both successfully returned to the wild) or vets willing to work with 1 little cottontail. Lastly sadly the last baby was doing extremely good, had actually grown was eating well, an for what I know was in all around great health. All I know about their age is that their eyes were closed, an opened a few days after I got them. I believe I lost the first two do to the fact that I could not get ahold of any cecals. My last baby might have been old enough to be weaned, but since he was tame, an my fear of giving him solid food didnt help matters. But thank you all anyway, I lost them but I believe next time I will be able to help.
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Aww sorry to hear about the little ones. This won't be of any use to you right now, but I thought perhaps you can keep this on hand in case you ever have to deal with it again, or encounter someone else in the area with babies.

Baby formula recipe:

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So sorry about the baby bunnies. I tried on several occasions when I was young and NEVER had any success, got them weaned and then something happened once they started on solid food. They are very hard to raise and get back into the wild.
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So sorry to hear. It must have been very difficult to watch. But wild bunnies are hard to domesticate. There are a few rare cases, but the majority just don't make it in captivity.

At least you tried. You did your best. You should be very proud.


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