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Good Morning, bunny peoples! Since a couple of you guys asked how Trix was doin', I thought I would post a quick update.

The good news is, she only has 6 more days of confinement left. THANKGOODNESS, because she is NOT liking being stuck in her original 1-floorcage AT ALL. As soon as I wake up in the morning, she hops to the doorof the cage and pokes at it and scratches it. When I don't let her out,she THUMPS at me!

Her leg seems to be healing really well. She has been *trying* to binkyin her small cage, and she can put her full weight on her injured leg.She stands up on her back legs all the time, and doesn't seem to be inany obvious pain.
As tempting as it is for me to let her out when she stands up on herback legs to poke her head out of the top when I am changing herlitter, I have followed the doctor's orders and haven't let her out atall.

She has another appointment in a week for a follow up visit. I'll let everyone know how that goes.

The bad news is: she has decided to stop peeing IN her litter box andpees in FRONT of it instead. And not every time! I gave her a reallybig box that she can turn around in and I think it may be too big. Shepees in every corner of the box, and now has taken to peeing outside ofit. I have come home the last 2 days to a puddle of pee and a smirkingbunny....I think she may be rebelling. She is almost 4 months old andnot yet spayed. I am thinking it is most likely puberty.
<sigh> parenthood....

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Thanks for the update! It sounds likeshe's doing really well. Except for the peeing ofcourse. Cheeky little monkey!
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Maybe it's her way of getting back at you fornot letting her out. Great job following the doctor's orders aboutkeeping her in her cage. I know I'd struggle with that.
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