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The followingis the House Rabbit Society link for Rabbit Veterinarians in Pennsylvania:


Thislink isfor an old, but excellent list (courtesy of Petbunny mailing list subscribers). Please post any known updates in this thread.


With the permission of the Petbunny moderator, we have reposted those Petbunny Listings here:
  1. Dr. Liza Clark, D.V.M.
    Quakertown Veterinary Clinic
    2250 N. Old Bethlehem Pike
    Quakertown, PA 18951
    (215) 536-6245
    Recommended by: Jane Kavcak
    Comments: [Dr. Clark] is a wonderful bunny vet, very knowledgeable but also will listen to any suggestions we may have. She helped our Biggles through a nasty abscess that he got from a fight wound last year. [The clinic has] 24/7 emergency care, but there are several vets at this clinic and Dr. Clark is the only bunny vet.
    Submitted: 6/00
    Need directions?
  2. David Dorn, DVM
    West Liberty Animal Hospital
    3055 W Liberty Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15033
    (412) 341-3383
    Recommended by: Georgia Willison
    Comments: Dr. Dorn treats the full range of companion animals, with a big part of his practice in "exotics".
    Submitted: 5/99
    Need directions?
  3. Dr. McConville
    Dr. Sheaffer
    Conchester Animal Hospital
    530 Conchester Hwy.
    (610) 485-6007
    Submitted: 3/96
    Need directions?
  4. Dr. Terry McGrath
    Rocky Hill Veterinary Clinic
    Margo Lane and Route 352
    East Goshen, PA
    (610) 431-1620
    Recommended by: mbl
    Comments: HRS already has his name, since he does neutering and spaying for the Southeastern PA shelter, and also did our female's spay...the rabbit pros at the shelter all go to him, some from amazing distances.
    Submitted: 7/00
    Need directions?
  5. Dr. Deborah Beck-Ross
    Penn Animal Hospital
    881 W. Baltimore Pike
    (610) 869-3033
    Recommended by: Laura
    Submitted: 3/96
    Need directions?
  6. Dr. Christine Santiago
    Northside Animal Hospital
    185 Mikron Road
    Bethlehem, PA 18020-9476
    (610) 759-5922
    Recommended by: Deb Raschke
    Comments: a wonderful vet and a wonderful caring human being...she has 2 of her own house bunnies along with 3 birds...she's also a wonderful avian vet.
    Submitted: 11/97
    Need directions?
  7. Dr. Beebe
    Dr. Keefer
    Northview Animal Hospital
    223 Seibert Road
    Pittsburgh, PA 15237
    (412) 364-5353
    Recommended by: Jenna Kutz
    Recommended by: Matt Lytle
    Submitted: 3/03
    Need directions?
  8. Dr. Laura Kane
    Alan Schonfeld
    Gwynedd Veterinary Hospital
    1615 West Point Pike
    Lansdale, PA 19446
    (215) 699-9294
    Recommended by: Cathy Montiegel
    Comments by Cathy: Early in 2004 Gwynedd Vet re-opened in their new state-of-the-art facility. (Original building was destroyed in a fire.) They offer 24-hour emergency service, 7 days a week. (Do not assume all doctors are experienced with rabbits.) This is the vet I use. I have seen both Laura and Alan. Laura specializes in exotics and is very knowledgeable. She is considered the clinic's "bunny vet". She maintains many contacts with professors and colleagues at her veterinary school. Alan used to be my regular vet before Gwynedd had an exotics specialist. He is a very good and sensitive, caring person.
    Submitted: 5/04
    Need directions?
  9. Anna Edling
    Hickory Veterinary Hospital
    2303 Hickory Road
    Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
    (610) 828-3054
    (610) 828-8465 (FAX)
    Recommended by: Cathy Montiegel
    Comments: (Do not assume all doctors are experienced with rabbits.) 24 hour emergency service. I have used Anna Edling when she worked at Gwynedd Veterinary Hospital. She is very good and keeps up-to-date on rabbits by going to seminars, etc. I was very impressed with her work. When I had diet questions regarding Nutmeg, she copied her notes from a seminar and sent them to me. Anna also diagnosed and treated Alice when she broke both back feet. Hickory appears to be a VERY BUSY hospital and I have no personal experience with leaving a bunny overnight.
    Submitted: 4/99
    Need directions?
  10. Carsten Henkel, V.M.D.
    Robinson Animal Hospital
    5663 Steubenville Pike
    McKees Rocks, PA 15136
    (412) 809-0430
    (412) 809-0431 (FAX)
    Recommended by: Lynne Skerlec
    Comments: We recently saw him for an emergency appointment and he was absolutely wonderful. His bunny-side manners were awesome.
    Submitted: 6/00
    Need directions?
  11. Dr. Edward R. Bennett
    All Pet Animal Hospital
    5007 Route 8
    Gibsonia, PA 15044
    (724) 444-6600
    Recommended by: Sommer Bush
    Comments: Dr. Bennett has late hours (until 8pm) and is open on Saturdays. He was recommended to me by a Pennsylvania chapter of the HRS.
    Submitted: 2/01
    Need directions?
  12. Kim E. Hennessey, DVM
    Downingtown Animal Hospital
    5033 Horseshoe Pike
    Downingtown, PA 19335
    (610) 269-4209
    Recommended by: Wesmalean@aol.com
    Comments: Please note the only vet experienced with rabbits is Dr. Hennessey.
    Submitted: 3/01
    Need directions?
  13. Dr. Hisham N. Ibrahim
    Met Vet South
    560 McNeilly Road
    Pittsburgh, PA 15226
    (412) 344-6888
    FAX: (412) 344-5459
    5309 Campbell's Run Road
    Pittsburgh, PA 15226
    (412) 788-6622
    Recommended by: Libby Fleming
    Comments by Libby: Dr. Ibrahim is a wonderful doctor and surgeon. He has been treating a very bad case of head tilt in one of my bunnies for a few months now and has operated on my other bunny twice for fatty tumors. His bedside manner is amazing and his techs and staff are wonderful too. They really go above and beyond for my buns. Dr. Ibrahim seems to really care about my buns and I couldn't have gotten through the past few months without him.
    Need directions?

Again, please post any additions, commentsor updates in this thread.


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For anyone living in theBerks County,PA area....

I take my rabbits to Dr. Moran at Willow Creek Animal Hospital in Reading, Pennsylvania. Phone number is 610-378-0192.

Hope this comes in handy!


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Courtesy of sharonleighmcknight

Doctor Thomas Wiles, 101 Sandy Creek Rd., Verona, Pa, 15147, 412-798-8770
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Dr. James Reed
Bakerstown Animal Hospital
5814 Wm. Flynn Hwy.
Bakerstown, PA 15007

found at http://www.ccia.com/public/foxaway/resources.html
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Jamestown Veterinary Clinic

504 Liberty St., Jamestown, PA 16134


Excellent surgical vets. Also have an excellent surgical facility in Kinsman, OH.

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Courtesy of sparklyyy:

Ardmore Animal Hospital
24 E. Athens Avenue
Ardmore, PA. 19003

Phone: 610.642.1160
Web Site: http://www.ardmoreah.com/

This animal hospital is located in the Greater Philadelphia suburbs. Zeke and Misty see Dr. Peters for check-ups. Zeke was also neutered, and they both get their nails trimmed,here. I've had nothing but fabulous experiences with them. Everyone seems very knowledgeable, and very sweet and accomodating, as well. Highly recommended!

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We have had 16 years expereince with Lititz Vetrinary Clinic in Lititz, Pa Lancaster County

Dr. Bill Whittaker Dr. ChrisRunnels Lititiz Vet Clinic 7 Tollgate RdLititz PA 17543

(717) 627-2750

Dr Chris (Female) did a double hip replacement on our Lop Pookiethat lasted over 10 years.]

Dr. Bill succesfully flushed out a huge calcium deposit in another lopBusterthat extended his life another 7 years. Bothare very caring and patient.]

We had the blessing of sharing our lifes with over 17 bunnies in 16years and Lititz vet saw most of them at one time or another.Many lived to ripe old ages. We are now down to just oneJersey Woolie, Butterscotch age3.5 Dave & Laurie& Butterscotch
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JAK Rabbitry
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Banfield Pet Hospital
Monaca, PA

I don't how how amazingly rabbit savy the doc is, but he was a hugehelp when my dutch rabbit, Gideon came down with something odd andstopped eating, drinking, and was almost 2 pounds underweight and feltliek a skeleton in my arms. They were able to take me almostimmediately and Giddy looked 80% by the next day after multipleinjections and the medications perscribed. Within' a week he was hisold self again and put on at least a pound, maybe pound and half fromhis perscriubed diet. I will definitely go back here again. They askedme to call in 3 days and update them. I was at work that mornign andplanned on calling in he evening when I got home, but when I got homthey had already called asking if Gideon was alright. I thuogh that wasvery nice of them.

Mobile Vet Rainbow Clinic
Darlington, PA

Also a great place. They do house calls and emergencies at all hours ofthe night. They were able to repair a backwards overlap of my one dutchrabbit Artemis's teeth. After one visit and a perscribed diet of acrapload of timothy hay, Artie's teeth actually returned to normal.When I brought her back for a checkup, they said she doesn't need themtrimmed again, she's fine. And since we didn't do anything we're notgoign to charge you. Nice. Artemis went on to win 2 grand championlegs.

I would highly reccomend both of these vets.
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Dr Loutsion, Canonsburg Vetclinic,724-746-4220.there are 3 vets on staff and if i get an emergencythey are on call.Canonsburg Pa.
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Dr. Robert Wagner
VCA Fox Chapel Animal Hospital
1152 Freeport Road
Pittsburgh, PA15238

Dr. Wagner is wonderful. I just started taking my boys to see him backin February, and I absolutely love him! His clients are mostly exotics,and he is also an experienced veterinary surgeon. He is the vet thatperformed the extraction of Alfred's incisors. Additionally Dr.Wagnerallows all of his clients to watch the surgical procedures that heperforms on their pets.

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