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The followingis the House Rabbit Society link for Rabbit Veterinarians in Michigan:


Thislink isfor an old, but excellent list (courtesyof Petbunny mailing list subscribers). Please post any knownupdates in this thread.


With the permission of the Petbunny moderator, we have reposted those Petbunny Listings here:
  1. Vicki Daldin-Marsh, DVM
    Valentine, DVM
    Animal Kingdom Veterinary Clinic
    4990 Ann Arbor - Saline Rd.
    Ann Arbor, MI 48103
    (734) 913-0003
    Recommended by: hlh@ans.net
    Recommended by: Heather
    Comments by Heather: [Dr. Valentine] is very knowledgeable about theproper diet and care of rabbits. She neutered my bunny and later caredfor him when he had GI stasis (he recovered).
    Submitted: 4/03
    Need directions?
  2. Dr. R. R. Bennett
    Animal Clinic
    133 28th Street
    Grand Rapids, MI
    (616) 241-3651
    Recommended by: Missy Anderson
    Comments: Treats exotics, including the local zoo critters. Personableand knowledgeable. Has 2 house rabbits of his own. Clinic has extendedevening and weekend hours and an emergency vet on-call after hours.
    Submitted: 1/96
    Need directions?
  3. Dr. Andrea Marceri
    Vet Select Animal Hospitals
    2150 Novi Rd
    Novi, MI 48377
    (248) 624-1100
    Vet Select Animal Hospitals
    24070 W. Nine Mile Road
    Southfield, MI 48034
    (810) 352-3059
    Comments: There are five Vet Select Animal Hospitals. In addition toDr. Maceri there are other exotics vets at these clinics who seerabbits, birds, snakes, ferrets, and other small animals...[check the]website [to] read about theclinics, the range of services and the vets.
    Recommended by: Evi Goldfield
    Submitted: 3/99
    Need directions?
  4. Nine Mile Road Vet Clinic
    24070 W. Nine Mile Road
    Southfield, MI 48034
    (810) 352-3059
    Recommended by: Evi Goldfield
    Submitted: 1/96
    Need directions?
  5. Drs Hemholdt and Olson
    Animal Medical Center of Wyoming
    2330 44th Street SW
    Wyoming, MI 49509
    (616) 531-PETS
    Recommended by: Julia Wright
    Comments: These vets are the exotics specialists in a large practice.They are experienced with rabbits, guinea pigs and birds. When you callwith questions, you actually get to speak with the vet, not anassistant. They give a 20% discount to rescuers.
    Submitted: 2/00
    Need directions?
  6. Milwood Animal Clinic
    5942 Lovers Lane
    Portage, MI 49002
    (616) 342-9865
    Recommended by: Suzy
    Comments: Kalamazoo Area
    Submitted: 8/05
    Need directions?
  7. Mary T. Seager
    Eastside Animal Hospital
    2643 E. Grand River
    East Lansing, MI 48823
    (517) 332-2511
    Recommended by: JackiAnn Wagenheim
    Comments: Not only do they board my little bunny but they also justrecently spayed her. I had a pleasant experience and at a reasonableprice.
    Submitted: 6/01
    Need directions?
  8. Dr. Elizabeth Walton
    Freeland Animal Clinic
    7250 Midland Rd.
    Freeland, MI
    (989) 695-2072
    Recommended by: Jan Rebmann
    Comments: I interviewed her and although she does not see a lot ofrabbits she is bunny knowledgeable. The HRS gives us a set of screeningquestions and she answered all of them right. She also said that sheknew 3 more vets in the area that see rabbits so she is well networkedand she has someone to consult with...She is also available to herclients by pager in emergency situations and if she is not she refersto an emergency clinic where they have rabbit vets...The business hoursare 10 a.m. to 5 or 6 p.m. with some Saturdays (by appointment). Thefee for a routine check up and all other charges (for surgeries andtreatments) are the same as cats.
    Submitted: 8/01
    Need directions?
  9. Dr. Andrea Golombek
    Parkway Small Animal and Exotic Clinic
    39321 Garfield Road
    Clinton Township, MI
    (586) 416-8800
    Recommended by: Lynn Larkin
    Comments: Located on the west side of Garfield just north of 17 Mile Road. Dr. Golombek is a member of Michigan Rabbit Rescue.
    Submitted: 12/03
    Need directions?
  10. Steve McBride, DVM
    Cascade Hospital for Animals
    6730 Cascade Road, SE
    Grand Rapids, MI 49546
    (616) 949-0960
    Recommended by: Kirk Lowis
    Submitted: 3/04
    Need directions?
  11. Dr. John Hermann
    Kershaw Animal Hospital
    9525 Wayne Rd
    Livonia, MI
    (734) 421-7878
    Recommended by: skateryajedi@yahoo.com
    Comments: Dr. Hermann is VERY nice, and he sees all of our pets (dog, cat,rabbits). Also, prices are very reasonable
    Submitted: 5/04
    Need directions?

And, the followinglist is from the Association of ExoticMammal Veterinarians: (Please be sure that vets on thislisttreat rabbits and not just birds orreptiles).

Again, please post any additions, commentsor updates in this thread.



Thomas Bankstahl, DVM
Parkway Small Animal and Exotic Clinic
39321 Garfield Road
Clinton Township, MI 48038
Phone: 586-791-1884

Cassandra Callaway, DVM
Southpointe Veterinary Hospital
10581 Allen Road
Allen Park, MI 48101
Phone: 313-381-7180
Fax: 313-381-7183
Website: http://www.southpointevet.com
Email: ccallaway@southpointevet.com

Jill Crisp, DVM
Beech Road Veterinary Hospital
235 Cherry Grove Lane
Commerce TWP, MI 48390
Phone: 313-538-0900
Fax: 313-531-5188
Email: djcrisp@msn.com

Christine Glikis-Fernandez, DVM
Birmingham Veterinary Clinic
33788 Woodard Avenue
Birmingham, MI 48009
Phone: 248-647-5474
Email: birmvet@royaloak.net

Kurt Henkel, DVM
Charlevoix Veterinary Hospital, P.C.
05560 U.S. 31 South
Charlevoix, MI 49720
Phone: 231-547-9841
Email: bookiwi@freeway.net

Bernadette Hermann, DVM
Ford Animal Clinic
23520 Ford Road
Dearborn Heights, MI 48127
Phone: 313-562-3422
Email: bhermanndvm@yahoo.com

Amy P. Lin, DVM
Westland, MI 48185
Phone: 734-427-8180
Email: linanimalhospital@sbc.net

Andrea Maceri, DVM
1010 W. Oakley Park
Commerce TWP, MI 48390
Phone: 313-881-5127
Email: pjcolumbo1@comcast.net

Jerrod Notebaert, DVM
Anchor Bay Veterinary Clinic
36755 Green St.
New Baltimore, MI 48047
Phone: (586) 725-8900
Email: jtnotebaertdvm@hotmail.com

Jennifer Marie Periat, DVM
Parkway Small Animal & Exotic Hospital
39321 Garfield
Clinton Township, MI 48038

Larissa Reifur, DVM, PhD Candidate
Michigan State University
1228 Woodcrest Lane, Apt. 104
East Lansing, MI 48823
Email: reifurla@msu.edu

Heather Robertson, DVM
Animal Emergency Center
24255 Novi Road
Novi, MI 48009
Phone: 248-348-1788
Website: http://www.the animalemergencycenter.com
Email: animalemergencycenter@juno.com

Alyson Rockett, DVM
Animal Emergency Center
24255 Novi Road
Novi, MI 48009
Phone: 248-348-1788

Lisa Walters, DVM
Southgate Animal Hospital
14420 Eureka Road
Southgate, MI 48195
Phone: 734-284-9122

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zoecat6 wrote:
Ilive in Grand Rapids, Michigan and have had all 9 of my rabbits spayedor neutered atthe Animal Medical Center2330 44Th Street SW there phone number is 531-7387 ask forDr. Vincent she specializes in exotic animals and I can't recommend herhighly enough. I have never had a problem with the nine ofthem using her, she's great with rabbits.

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We recently went to the Animal KingdomVeterinary Hospital (at the end of Jan.) and I picked up theirbusiness card. Dr. Valentine is not listed on it, so I'munder the impression that she no longer works there. We wererecommended to see Dr. Stacey Weinrick, DVM,but saw Dr.Brigette Dagenais, DVM.She was very niceandhandled Bender (our first bun)verywell. However, this was forjust for a healthcheck-up, not treatment. Both of our rabbits wereneutered/spayed at the Humane Society of Huron Valley in Ann Arbor.
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Rabbit Dentistry: Dr. JamesClarkson, DVM, 6011 Jackson Road -Ann Arbor, MI 48103website:http://www.westarbor.com/index.html

Dr. Clarksonis very knowledgable with rabbits. He wasable to give my bunnies a very good dental exam (molars and all) andremoved a cheek abscess for us. Great vet!

Bryan M. Cornwall, of Advanced PetCare of Oakland,
6473 Sashabaw Rd
Clarkston, MI 48346, Phone (248) 620-2900


Dr. Cornwall is wonderful with rabbits. He is veryup to date on rabbit-safe medications and pain management. Ihighly recommend him!!

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jam224 wrote:
Werecently went to the Animal Kingdom Veterinary Hospital (at theend of Jan.) and I picked up their business card. Dr.Valentine is not listed on it, so I'm under the impression that she nolonger works there. We were recommended to see Dr. StaceyWeinrick, DVM,but saw Dr. Brigette Dagenais,DVM.She was very nice andhandled Bender(our first bun)very well. However, this wasforjust for a health check-up, not treatment. Bothof our rabbits were neutered/spayed at the Humane Society of HuronValley in Ann Arbor.
I second the recommendation of Animal Kingdom! Itwas a bit of a drive for us but we got all 3 of our rabbits fixed there(2 spays and 1 neuter) and they couldn't have done a better job, verybunny savvy people there. 2 paws up!
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Heres a few other links for rabbit-savvy vets from local rescues:


Also, I know that Huron Valley Humane Society in Ann Arbor performs alot of spays and nueters for local rabbit rescues. A spay through theirvet is only $85.00 and they do send the bunnies home with metacam forpain. 734.662.4365

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both winnie and herman go to Cherrybend Animal Hospital.

10387 E. Cherry Bend Rd.
Traverse City, MI 49684
Phone: 1 (231) 922-0500
Fax: 1 (231) 922-0161
E-mail: cherrybendvet@gmail.com

they see 2 different vets there, Dr. Aja who did both their neuters andDr. Richmond who they have seen in more clinical visits. Dr. Aja is onthe michigan board of vet. med. andfor AAHA (american animalhospital association). Dr. Richmond knows what she is talking about andis very informative. they have one other rabbit informed vet, but ihave never worked with them.

spay- $120

neuter- $80
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I just wanted to update that Animal Kingdom doesneuters at $60 and physical exams at $39. Not sure about spays sohopefully if anyone has any info on how much spays cost there if theycould update with that!
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Animal Kingdom charges $140.00 for a spay.

Dr. Hynes charges $175.00

Just an FYI
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I don't live in MI, but Rabbits USAAnnual 2007 has this to add to lists of MI rabbit-savy vets. I have noknowledge of how these vets treat the animals or the costs, but Ithough it might be able to help someone. If the vet has been previouslylisted, feel free to move/delete this listing.I would have read it butI have 8 pages of vet materials to post.

In KALAMAZOO : Dr. Smitley, Dr. Harrison, Milwood Animal Clinic, 5040 Meredith Dr. 49002. # (616) 342-9865

In LIVONIA : Dr. Sharon Sheehy, DVM, VCA Animal Hospital of Livonia, 18790 Middlebelt Rd., 48152. # (248) 615-7670

In NOVI : Dr. Christine Rearick, Vet Select Animal Hospital, 2150 Old Novi Rd., 48377. # (248) 624-1100

In RICHMOND : Gretchen Steininger, DVM, Vet Services, 34448School Section Rd., 48062. # (580) 212-7333. vetstat@comcast.net

In SOUTHFIELD : Dr. Andrea Maceri, DVM, 24070 W. Nine Mile Rd., 48034. #248) 352-4560

In WESTLAND : Charles Furth, DVM, W.land Veterinary Hospital, 7610 Wayne Rd., 48185. # (313) 261-5900

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