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Default First time with shedding season

Just venting: I've read rabbits shed their fur every couple of months but this is my first time experiencing it. Oh good lord it's a pain in the butt. It's like never ending. Me and my bunny are not happy.

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Yeah it's a pain but it goes away, my rabbits first time was a disaster it gets easier.

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How long does this last?
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Depends. Mine typically shed slowly, so it takes weeks.. And with three rabbits, thats a ton of fur! Funnily enough, my four pound Holland Lop seems to shed more fur than the other two, who are 8 pound mix breeds.

I just make sure to keep a trashbag handy for any petting sessions that may occur. Other than that, the shop vac is probably going to be your, and your bunny's, best friend. Pippi, the Holland Lop,seriously loves the shop vac. As soon as she realizes its Cleaning Time, she runs excitedly around her xpen, and while I'm vacuuming, she likes to chase the hose. Haha..she's a bit of a weirdo ^_^
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It also depends on whether they are indoor or outdoor, how warm you keep the house, and how long you keep lights on every day. All domestic animals (cats, dogs, rabbits) will shed more if there is more light (e.g. if you turn your lights on after it gets dark outside like normal people ) and if you keep your house above winter temperatures, they will shed more and longer. And for sure it depends on the breed (my little darf mix thing sheds SO MUCH compared to my other pets, it's a bit ridiculous).

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