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Default Scottish Birds

I spent three weeks in Scotland with the Scouts at the Blair Atholl Jamborette this summer. Here are some bird pictures I took over there.

The European Robin is not related to the bird we have over here - our "Robin" is a thrush. The first European settlers in this country named a lot of our birds after whatever they had known back home which had somewhat similar characteristics. So, any bird with a red breast became a "Robin".

Robin on the Isle of Arran

Baby Robin

A juvenile Gull and an Oystercatcher on the shore at King's Cave, Isle of Arran. Both of these birds are common shorebirds here in the States, as well.

A Gannet - this is a very large bird, with a six-foot wingspan. They nest in colonies of up to 250,000 birds on offshore rocks in Scotland.

A European Blackbird at Blair Atholl in Perthshire - again, not the same bird as our Blackbirds

Song Thrush at Blair Atholl, busily hunting worms

Finally, a furry bird to finish off with - the first Mountain Hare I've been able to capture photographically...

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