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Originally Posted by dsuis View Post
Well I know I have been feeding him the right diet. All he needs is the $4 bag of pellets and mixed nuts and fruits from walmart. because that is what the veterinarian working in the Walmart pet aisle told me. I know this isn't my fault. He doesn't even like hay. I put 8 or 10 pieces in his cage and he doesn't touch it. I've had the bag of hay over a year because he doesn't eat it. It's just his time to go I guess.
NO! this is not his time to go, rabbits can live up to 12 YEARS! their are NO veterinarians at Walmart, only people who want you to buy their product, people who don't care if your rabbit lives or dies, people who just want to make a profit. You can listen to us and help your rabbit live, or listen to the Walmart workers and let your rabbit die. Your rabbit will NOT eat the hay if you keep feeding him that junk food. You can keep a pile of timothy hay in the litter box (but he still needs a qualified vet to look at him and help him). If you cannot afford to buy hay or cannot afford to take you rabbit to a TRAINED VET, then i suggest you give your rabbit too your local animal shelter, where they can CORRECTLY take care of the rabbit. What your doing now is KILLING your rabbit.

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This has to be a joke. Nobody is this stupid.

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It isn't a joke. but I will admit I'm not the one with a sick rabbit. my brother is and his rabbit is sick for the THIRD time now. I'm the guy who posted the rabbit enema topic a couple weeks ago. http://www.rabbitsonline.net/showthread.php?t=86902 . I'm just really frustrated with my brother and I'm posting the things he is saying to me and doing so I can get people to comment how stupid that way of thinking is. For my own satisfaction. kind of sick and twisted to say the least, I know. I'm sorry Katie that you got sucked into this. It's just I've tried and tried over and over to get him to make good decisions on behalf of this rabbit and done everything short of bringing it to the vet and potentially spending hundreds of my OWN dollars. because he has nothing. I was over there yesterday and he was slamming stuff around again and screaming at my mom and I. I'm ready to have him put in jail. I'm frustrated beyond belief. this all could have been avoided if he would just feed it properly or surrender it to a shelter. I just made this account and this topic to prove to myself how stupid he is being. sorry again.

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