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What struck me about this is that she seems to be breeding these rabbits to be large (since she has had a couple others of similar size) and that to me seems cruel. Why would you purposely breed rabbits to be large, knowing full well that they are inevitably going to suffer a shorter life span and have health problems? It seems like she is only doing this to be famous and that bothers me. If she really cared about these rabbits, she would stop breeding them to be enormous and stop showing them off like they're inanimate objects. The sad part is that when this rabbit dies, I'm sure she will have another just starting to mature to take his place.

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I don't know, other than the kids picking him up; he looked like a pretty happy rabbit! They let him out in the field to run and stuff so he probably ate the grass. Sure his diet didn't sound GREAT, but he is a continental giant and they are massive. So his how ever many carrots a week compared to our 1 baby carrot a week, could work out because most of us have 2-10 lb rabbits not 50 lbs.
He was running and binkying around, and she was probably just shoving carrots in his face for the cameras. Not that that is right, because you shouldn't exploit your animals or kids, but he looked to be a house rabbit.
We all feed our buns differently and we all can never agree to anything when it comes to diet, its either too many pellets or too little, too much cabbage, too many carrots, not enough hay, not enough lettuce, too much lettuce. Whatever it is, we all argue about it ALL the time. But he looked happy, and sure they could have done things differently. But we all have to take into consideration the breed of that rabbit is the largest in the world, they come bigger than him too!
I just really don't agree with the kids trying to hold him, I would be like "get your grubby paws off my bunny!" haha.

I would have a conti in a heart beat!

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Sorry to bring up an old thread (Is this okay? I couldn't see in the rules), but I just wanted to chime in when I saw this topic.

One of my buns, Theodore, is one of Darius' babies.

I just wanted to let everyone know that Darius is still very much alive and well!

The lady who owns him was, I admit, fairly eccentric, but she's really lovely and cares about her rabbits.
As far as I could see she knows what she's doing and she takes good care of them. I think the comment about however many carrots was a thing for the cameras, she definitely knows the proper diet for a bun.
She's had a few Guinness World Record holders and Darius is the current one.

The record is for length not weight precisely so people don't overfeed to try and get the record.
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Nancy McClelland
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And I thought my 19 pound Checkered Giant was big.
Sometimes I feel like I'm running a fertilizer factory.
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Originally Posted by kmaben View Post
I want to know how that child is lifting 50 pounds.
EXACTLY!!! That was my first thought too, 50lbs is a great deal for a child to pick up.
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I would love to one day find a breeder in this country. I could so see having one share my home with me.

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