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Upright Ears / Angora Fur

Your bunny has upright ears and long, wooly fur.

There are four breeds of Angora rabbits to check out, as well as the Jersey Wooly - click on the names for details.

English Angora - long fur all over, including face and ears, smaller than the Giant Angora

French Angora - long wooly fur on their bodies, but the fur on on their faces and ears is short (although the ears may have tufts on the ends)

Satin Angora - soft and shiny wool, finer than the French Angora

Giant Angora - much larger, longer hair, fringe and tufts on ears

Jersey Wooly rabbits are relatively small - not over 3.5 pounds ideal adult weight - but with very long fur ("wool") which is made up of long, thick guard hairs - 1.5 to 3 inches long - with a shorter coarser "underwool" underneath. They have short ears and round heads, like Netherland Dwarfs.

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