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Baby and Stormy here

we live with a bunch of other creatures only one of which we see every day

here it goes

dogs- cowgirl, sphinx , riggs , katie , dylan (3 girls 2 boys)
horses- skirts, bells jumping jack and gabe
cat- wyatt
chickens- junkyard , peardy, mrs.winston and 39 others
2 other rabbits a-jay and felisha
and a bunch of fish
and goats ( on there way to the famliy)

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Hi! Ive got the funny farm over here!

250+ cows (Shiloh, Butterfly, Pluto and Ivy to name a few)
7 horses: Spartan, Sasha, Sysco(whos having a baby any day!), Buddy, Misty, Ginger and Chester
2 Donkies: Donkey and Pixie (Shes having a baby too!)
3 Cats: Amora, Little Bear and Mr. Cat
2 Dogs: Acadi and TJ
2 Bunnies: Tundra and Illdari
and a small handful of piegons!

We are also adopting a couple of geese and ducks soon!

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All I have are my two bunnies along with two dogs haha. Man you guys have a whole set of animals! I love it. Name:  ImageUploadedByRabbit Forum1492251418.572231.jpg
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Size:  65.9 KBName:  ImageUploadedByRabbit Forum1492251479.120342.jpg
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Over one hundred chickens.
Me, Willie, my girlfriend Lilly, Her mom Kat, her dad Charlie, her brother Gray, my sister Missy, and my sister's daughter Daisy.
One Great Pyrenees dog, Shasta.
A very large and annoying horse, Puck.
And seven ducks.
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loving companion to Sunny
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Default About me

Hi, I am Sunny Bunny. I am lucky enough to have an adorable long-haired Syrian Hamster name Honey right next to me in a bin cage. We like to look at each other . When Honey goes on her wheel, I think it's fascinating to watch it go round.
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"Love My Buns"
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Hi "Rosie" here my mom calls me a Netherland Dwarf whatever that means anyways i live with another so called dwarf called a Polish and another thats not here yet that mom and dad have been talking about called Conti aka Continental German Giant bun i guess from what i herd mom and dad talking about its supose to get scary big for me so that one will be living outside not inside with us cool buns LOL!! I also have to share the house with moms 2 dogs rescue chihuahua's one of which is moms service dog i guess it means she helps mom in certain ways maybe thats why mom takes her everywhere she goes when she leaves home in that big scary thing they call a car? Whatever it is it makes noise to that i dont like BUT i do like when mom has company over i seem to draw all the attention and everyone always holds me and pets me between my ears where it feels oh so good but then here comes that dog of moms making funny faces at the people and then they put me back in my home and they pick her up and give her pets and kisses, thats NOT FAIR!!! Anyways mom also has something she calls a fishy tank with things that float around in water but its in a big glass square thingy. Thats all there is here for us pets moms health aint the greatest so she cant take on anymore of us furry friends and we love her as much as she loves us and thats enough for her for now.

"Rosie" sniff hop sniff hop Peace out!!
Never can have just one tiny bun.
Dwarf Polish
Netherland Dwarf
and a Continental German Giant
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We currently have

2 dogs: Rocky and Piper
8 cats/barn cats: Zazzles, Toby, Tucker (he has been missing for a few days), Trouble, Penelope, Salem, Te KÔ and Te Fiti
6 Chickens: All named Hei Hei
3 Ducks: Squeakers, Spike and Pumpkin
2 Cockatiels: Riley and Carolina
1 Rabbit: Jack

By 2019 we are looking to add another dog, a couple goats, some more chickens and ducks, some turkeys, some ferrets and may be another bird. Also considering another rabbit once Jack is fixed
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I (Queen Buttercup) currently live with (or in the same household):

2 other rabbits: Teddy and Creampuff
2 dogs: Ingle and Benny
4 parakeets (or so I have been told ... hear them but have never seen them as they are in another area)
2 guinea pigs
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Bill Jesse
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There are 3 bunnies; Bandita, Cassie and Jerome. There were 5 at one point but Sedgewick and Duchess are in heaven. There are two cats. Wicket is a rescue who was 14 when I got her so she must be 16 now and Rey who is another rescue who came from Cuba. He is about 2 but no one knows for certain. He was feral. He is special because he has no eyes but that doesn't bother him.
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3 cats
2 dogs
8 birds
8 soon to be 9 bunnies

For those of you who also have lots of pets, curious how many are house pets. Mine are house pets.

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