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Our bunny will be ready for us on March 27th. We have been waiting a little over a month for her and are very excited for her arrival.

I have the cage all ready to go as well as food, Timothy hay, water bottle, and food dish. What are some other essentials I should get before her arrival?

I am going out to get a pan to litter train, but I also heard to get something for the bunny to "nest" in. What should I get for this? Also, I have heard that bunnies need things to chew...what are safe things for me to give her to chew on?

I have also been told that putting a small, stuffed, animal in her cage will be good for the bunny as well...is this true?

Any advice would be appreciated!

Thank you!

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Depending on the age of the rabbit, you might need to get some alfalfa hay. Alfalfa is needed for young rabbits under about 6 months of age.
For pellets, stick to a plain pellet with no extra bits. Again, alfalfa is better for young bunnies. Try to get some of the food that the rabbit is used to so you can switch over to the new food slowly.

For the litter box, get one that the rabbit will fit in. The small corner ones aren't really big enough for most adults. Try a small square cat box.
You will also need rabbit safe litter. Wood or paper pellets are the best but wood ones are cheaper. Get a big bag as it is usually cheaper, but a small bag can be good to try it out.
It is a good idea to not use shavings or other similar bedding in the cage as it can confuse the rabbit on where to pee and poop. Fleece blankets can be used. Be careful with towels as some rabbit will chew them.

I would get a wooden hiding house as it is safer for them to chew. It doesn't need to be anything fancy. There are also grass/hay tents that will work.

Get some toys. Bell balls, wood blocks (no colours if possible), hay balls and mats, wire hay balls (you can stuff it with hay or veggies). Baby teething rings and shower curtain rings are also good. Cardboard boxes and tubes also make good toys and are free.

Get a carrier. A small cat one will work and it usually not too expensive. If you aren't plaining on travelling a lot, then a soft one is easier to store. A hard one is better if you do travel a lot as it can't easily be chewed and is better in the car if there is an accident. I would get one with a top door or the top can be taken off easily.

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To add to what Kate said, get a brush or comb! I have a Furminator and it's essential when they're shedding. Bunnies are quite prone to getting intestinal blockages from swallowing hair when shedding so it's important to have a good brush and brush them at least once a day when they're molting.
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Thank you both for your help!

I also wanted to ask what I use to clean the cage out with? I saw at the pet store cleaners designed for animal cages, but was not sure if they should be used or not!

Thank you in advance for all the help!
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AFthfulJrney wrote:
I also wanted to ask what I use to clean the cage out with?
I just use plain white vinegar and lots of water. Works fine, and it's cheap and safe.

The vinegar technique is especially useful with buns, because rabbit urine is basic (unlike most mammals, which have acid urine). The vinegar dissolves the calcium deposits left in the litter box.

On the question of stuffed animals, I'd get one (preferably something with "uppy" ears like a rabbit) and see how the bunny reacts.

My first rabbit, Scone MacBunny, had several stuffed friends. Two bright yellow rabbits, Butter and Margarine, he loved... in the most literal sense. Borders, a much more realistic rabbit from the book store of the same name, was treated as a companion - Scone would sit or lie next to him, and groom his fur.

When Natasha came to live with me, she ignored the stuffies. Then, almost overnight, she seemed to realize they were there. Oddly (given she's a female), Natasha treated the stuffed bunnies much the same way Scone did. She ummm.... has her way... with Butter, but Borders gets groomed.

Natasha and Borders:

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