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Thanks for the lists!

I was going to formulate my own to match what veggies/greens both Bearded Dragons and Bunnies can eat for my own personal use as well lol. That way it's easier for me to shop for the critters!

Yeah, he loves his pellets. I've been feeding less and he's been eating more hay as well which is great! He figured out his hay feeder lol. He had one that went on the outside before but I wasn't a fan of it, it didn't seem like he even knew it existed. So I use one now that goes in the cage and has the area for the salt-lick. I do have a salt-lick in there though I know they aren't necessary if they're getting all the veggies and pellets that they need. He hasn't really done anything with it which is what I expected, but I'd rather have it in there just in case.

He does....lick things though...primarily the floor....and my clothes.....he's weird. I found someone saying they may lick the floor to cool down as well as stretching out? But...if he does it all the time and on any floor, is it just a habit he's gotten himself into? Does he like the taste? He does it to linoleum, fake wood, rug, and plywood flooring. And then also my clothes, it's almost like he's grooming my clothes.

I also have a friend who has shown and bred bunnies all her life. She isn't a big-wig or anything but she is well known. She tells me that bunnies don't need friends and many of them shouldn't be with friends. Now, I'm going to make my own assumption and say she's with her bunnies more of the day than I am. I'm away from home at least 10 hours out of the day for work/travel that goes with it. Then sometimes more if I'm going to the gym or something else. So...in this case, it would be better for him to have a friend. Then if I were home more often, he might not need a friend as much. Am I correct in my assumptions here? I realize that many have their own opinions as well. I was just surprised to hear that form a Rabbit breeder and show person.

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