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Default Help! Lop Boy Acting Strange

Hi There, So My French Lop Boy Has Suddenly Started Acting Odd, I've Had Him Since He Was Born As My Lop Girl Had Him, I've Always Handled Him, He's About 6/7 Months. He's Always Been Fine With Me Picking Him Up, And Was Happy To Be Held On His Back, He Would Let Me Stroke Him Wherever, He Would Come Lay Next To Me And He Barely Ever Ran Away From Me (Only The Odd Times When He Knew It Was Hutch Time And He Decided To Refuse To Go Back In) However I Went On Holiday For A Week And I Came Back 5 Days Ago. When I Went ago His Hutch The Day We Got Back and I Went To Fill Any Food Or Water Up (The Animals Were Being Looked After By My Stepdad) He Didn't Come Up To Me And Just Layed Still And I Knew Something Wasn't Right, I've Been Bringing Him In Every Day But He Keeps Running Away From Me And Jumping, He Won't Let Me Pick Him Up And When I Do He Starts Making Noises And Trying To Get Away So I Brought Him In Today By Coaxing Him Into A Bucket. He's Sitting Far Away From Me And Will Sniff Me And Let Me Stroke His Face But Won't Let Me Stroke Anywhere Else, I've Cleaned His Hutch Out And He's Eating And Pooping Fine, I Don't Understand Why He's Suddenly Acting Like He Doesn't Know Me. Sorry This Is Really Long. Please Help!

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It could be that he's upset that you left (his whole world was changed suddenly!) and may take a little while to get used to you being back again/ forgive you. 6/7 months is also about the time hormones start to kick in and they start acting more adult. Most rabbits around this age (often a little younger) start to resist being held and picked up. Being a male, I wouldn't expect his behavior to change THAT drastically as he goes through puberty, but it is possible.

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I also tend to attribute this to adulthood. He's at the age a rabbit becomes an adult and that is when their true personality comes out. Almost all babies tolerate handling. Almost all adults do not. Early handling doesn't really mean anything either. The Rabbits USA 2014, magazine also attests to the fact that early handling of rabbits does not translate into adults that like to be handled. They either will resist handling or just tolerate it. (a few rare ones seem to like it)

This is also the age they resist being carried about. This is why it is a good idea to have his cage/housing in the same area as his exercise area. Ideally, one just opens a cage door to allow bunny his exercise. Then he can go in and out of his cage during that time. That is more difficult to do with an outdoor bunny. If he is outdoors by himself, you may want to consider making him an indoor rabbit. That way he can get much more attention. Just being in proximity is "getting attention," so you being on the computer nearby (indoors) is more time to bond with him.

Check the following links for photos of some of the indoor housing of those here on RO:
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Sounds like a normal teenage rabbit to me. You may want to think about neutering him because the sounds he makes probably indicate a hormonal behavior, which could worsen into growling and biting with time. You can do a lot of things with babies - they will be affectionate, love everyone and be cuddled with no problems. Then hormones kick in and you've got a 3 pounds Cujo. Carrying a rabbit is generally not done when not necessary, as most adult rabbits don't appreciate it and it can cause tragic accidents. Also, I advise you against putting a rabbit on his back. It's pretty traumatizing for them (in a natural setting, a bunny on his back is a dead bunny and your rabbit knows it on an instinctive level) and you can break his spine if he decides he doesn't like it and struggle.
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Hi Guys Thanks For The Replies, I Kept Getting Him Out And Having Him Inside With Me And He Gradually Day By Day Became Less Moody With Me And Is Happy With Me Picking Him Up Again. He Does Have Is Tantrums But He Is A Teenager Like You Said He Doesn't Tend To Over Like Many People Except Me So I Think He's Just Very Attached To Me So He Got In A Grumble For Being Left.

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