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Default What happened to my rabbit?

Recently(yesterday) my rabbit, Poe, passed away. I had only been sleeping for about six hours before I woke up to my rabbit kicking his legs repeatedly while laying on his side. I brought him out and tried to get him back to his senses but then he twitched a few times before dying in my arms. He was very healthy that morning before I slept, eating and hopping around. But he did like to chew on things a lot, like cords and once ate most of my flip flop. I cleaned his cage when was needed and fed and gave him water on time.

I have had two rabbits before but the first died from his stomach lining exploding after surgery, and the second was because he was just sick. We never really found out about him.

Please help or give an idea to what you think was wrong. I only had him for about 6 weeks since I received him from a friend. He was only a year or so old.

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I'm sorry for your loss. Rabbits tend to go suddenly with no warning.
As for what caused his death, people may chime in with guesses but honestly the only way to know for sure would be to bring him to a vet for an autopsy. Not cheap, but then you would know for sure what happened.
I'm really sorry.

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I'm really sorry, Selbun. Rabbits tend to get unwell all of a sudden, and as they are prey species, they often hide their illnesses so predators can not tell that they are an easy target. Rabbits are delicate animals, so minor sicknesses can sometimes be fatal. Again, I am very sorry for your loss.
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So sorry for your loss. Rabbits are really good at hiding problems. Have had some that were fine in the morning and gone that evening, and I'm not new to rabbits.
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