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Default Question about free roaming a baby rabbit

I am considering getting a new baby rabbit (from someone I know, who bought a m/f pair from a pet shop thinking they were both boys!)

I have done loads of research into rabbits and their needs and understand that they are expensive and live for a long time and need hay and food and neutered and vaccines and insurance etc and this is all fine.

My question is about free roaming. I want my rabbit to be free roam, at least in my bedroom and hallway. I am getting a baby gate on the kitchen as there is no door, and will cover it with pet safe panels from a (useless) hamster play pen (that they could climb out of).

The rabbit I'm planning on getting is a baby (9 weeks), can I free roam it from the start? At least in my bedroom? I understand it will take a while to house train the rabbit, there's only one cable to cover in my bedroom. Only issue is the wooden floors but can easily get rugs put down. Will this be unsafe or a disaster for a baby rabbit? I am still planning on getting a cage but I really do not want to keep it cooped up. Is it much different from having a baby kitten? Cos you just let them loose in your house and they damage stuff and might pee on the floor because it's a baby? (I don't have a kitten don't worry).


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It depends on the rabbit. In my experience, does are cleaner than bucks, but my rabbits all got the litterbox thing after a few days when it comes to pee (poops are harder but also not that hard to clean up). The thing is that with hormones (from 3 months old until neuter / spay) the rabbit can begin to spray pee on purpose on the furniture, walls and... well, you or other people. It happened to me with my youngest buck and that was no fun.
If you want your rabbit to roam in several rooms (which is good!) it might be a good idea to invest in a second litter box so the rabbit doesn't have to go too far to find a place where to do his business.
Your rabbit will probably destroy things (then again, my parents' cat killed their couch ^^). Be very careful with electrical cords and don't leave anything on the floor - if it's on the floor, it's fair game (it might sound obvious, but it includes shoes). I've always had hardwood floors and my rabbits never damaged them (I've had rabbits for more than 10 years and they are free to roam about 16 hours a day). They are a lot more likely to damage carpets.
Rabbits like to dig, but they do that with soft-ish things and never on the floor in my experience - I give mine cisal mats or plain old cardboard boxes (with 4 openings, rabbits like to have several 'emergency exit'). It helps to wear their nails and keeps them occupied and active.
Tapestry is a big no-no, though. If you've got some, the rabbit will kill it, no question about that.
If you look for informations about rabbits and that you haven't read it already, the house rabbit society is always a good reliable source - the diet part is especially useful, as it can be a bit daunting to figure out what to give and how at first :
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