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The followingis the House Rabbit Society link for Rabbit Veterinarians in Kentucky:


Thislink isfor an old, but excellent list (courtesy of Petbunny mailing list subscribers). Please post any known updates in this thread.


With the permission of the Petbunny moderator, we have reposted those Petbunny Listings here:
  1. Dr. Sam Vaughn
    Veterinary Associate Stonefield
    10466 Shelbyville Rd.
    Louisville, KY 40223
    (502) 245-7863
    Recommended by: Arlene Magid
    Comments: [Dr. Vaughn] is a very good vet and I have a lot of confidence in him. He's affectionate to buns and gives good explanations of treatments and is very supportive...He even talks to the bunnies in "Stoopid voice"...
    Submitted: 3/99
    Need directions?
  2. Dr. Bianca Zaffarano DVM
    PennyRoyal Small and Exotic Animal Hospital
    247 Regency Circle
    Lexington, Kentucky 40503
    (606) 277-4315
    Recommended by: Therese Skinner
    Recommended by: Ellen Gibson
    Comments: Dr. Z is one of the best rabbit veterinarians I have found so far. Very thorough, very gentle, explains everything, follows HRS standards, stays up to date on latest rabbit medicine, reasonable in price and is a very kind and nice person. She spends the time necessary to talk to her clients because she is truly concerned about their rabbit's health. Her practice is mainly exotics (birds, rabbits, reptiles, hamsters, etc.) but she sees a small [number] of dogs and cats as well. She spayed my little girl Precious, examined Billiey for his one year exam, and consulted with me about Skip's jaw abscess (after I moved 625 miles away)...truly a TOP NOTCH, highly qualified rabbit veterinarian and has many good reliable rabbit veterinarian contacts as well! Dr. Z has clients all over Kentucky and as far as Ohio and Indiana.
    She is extremely kind both to bunnies and people...very gentle in her examination of bunnies. Our Oliver never once has acted afraid of her. She recommends but does not insist on a particular test or treatment, especially if there is a large expense involved. She calls with test results and will recommend another vet if she is going out of town.
    Submitted: 1/00
    Need directions?
  3. Dr. Joe Deck
    Deck Veterinary Clinic
    2409 Brownsboro Rd
    Louisville, KY 40014
    Recommended by: Kristy Cartier
    Recommended by: Arlene Magid
    Comments by Kristy: Dr. Deck does a great job. He treated my rabbit for 3 years. He cares for all types of animals, e.g. possums. In addition, until he opened his clinic a few months ago, Dr. Deck was a veterinary resource for the Humane Society.
    Comments by Arlene: [Dr. Deck is an] exceptionally kind man who helped with our kidney failure bun to the end. Even made a house call on Easter Sunday when she was terminal...Highly recommended for his willingness to teach and allow the rabbit owner to treat buns at home when feasible.
    Submitted: 9/01
    Need directions?
  4. Missy Jewell, D.V.M.
    Animal Medical Center
    12400 Shelbyville Road
    Louisville, KY 40243
    (502) 245-6252
    Recommended by: Mary
    Comments: I have a lot of respect for Dr. Jewell, and recommend her highly ... she's a very knowledgeable, kind and caring rabbit vet.
    Submitted: 1/02
    Need directions?

And, the followinglist is from the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians: (Please be sure that vets on this listtreat rabbits and not just birds or reptiles).

Again, please post any additions, commentsor updates in this thread.



Bianca Zaffarano, DVM
Pennyroyal Small and Exotic Animal Hospital
247 Regency Circle
Lexington, KY 40503
Email: Docbzaff@aol.com
Phone: 859-277-4315
Website: http://www.Pennyroyal-Online.com

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Thanks to manda for providing this one:

Vicky Owens McGrath, DVM
all creatures animal hospital

bowling green KY

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I don't know if this is already listed in the linked section, but this is an Etherbun post (from sheilag1257@aol.com):

After a long search I found a bunny savvy vet close to home. He is at the Cumberland Valley Animal Hospital in London, Ky...
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I am very new to buns. I have only hadmine since June and am stumbling through this! I just visitedDr. Jewel and was very impressed with her. (I do have otherpets--so I am not new to vets) She was very kind and good with my guysand gave me a much needed education on how to take care ofbuns. I found out what I was doing right and what I wasn'tand she also took the time to instruct my kids on how to properly pickup a bunny. It only took a few minutes for my buns to relaxand get into mischief in the exam room. She brought out atowel for them to sit on, so that they would not have to sitona cold table, and put then moved then moved the other tothe floor, again on a towel so he wouldn't be cold--even though hedidn't stay for long--while she examined the other. Eventhough this was my first experience, I found her very kind andknowlegable.
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Shively Animal Clinic (502) 778-8317

Great clinic/emergency animal Hospital

Spays are $75!

Owned and Loved by Abby n Tony
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The Deck Veterinary Clinic

Josph S. Deck, DVM

2409 Brownsboro Rd.

Louisville, KY 40206

Phone: 502-721-9383

This vet is wonderful with rabbits. Peter and Bugs feel very comfortable in his office.
Peter & Bugs
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The vet in London that was mentioned is AMAZING. He and I are the closest of friends. I would never take an animal anywhere else. He goes to our church and will come out at just about any hour of the night to help with anything we need.
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I am so excited to hear that there is a Vet thats knowledgeable about buns in London, KY. I might actually be able to get my bun neutered! Does anyone know the fee at Cumberland?
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Just wanted to add our vet - she is great! She also aids in a rabbit rescue.

6321 W Highway 146 Crestwood KY 40014
Teresa Gregory
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Originally Posted by doodlebugger View Post
Just wanted to add our vet - she is great! She also aids in a rabbit rescue.

6321 W Highway 146 Crestwood KY 40014
Teresa Gregory
I just made an appointment with Dr. Gregory to get my new found little bunny checked out. I learned that Dr. Jewell in Louisville is not accepting new patients any longer and they recommended Dr. Gregory. So glad to see someone on here has had good luck there as well!

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