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Default Perfect pet for us

My husband is allergic to cats and dogs, and angora rabbits. We have had a rabbit for 24 years. Actually this is our third rabbit, first two lived 10 1/2 years each. New bunny is three years old.

They are incredibly cute.
They continue to play until old age.
They get into trouble.
They are cute even when they get in trouble.
They adapt to your lifestyle. I stay up to two and he expects to do that also.
Reasonable clean, no smells.
Not difficult to potty train.
No treatments for fleas, heart worms, rabies, etc.
No shots.
They are cute when they sit, stand, groom, eat, sleep...
No drooling.
Poops can be swept or vacuumed up. No ickiness.
Very curious or nosey.
They can be counted on to locate any piece of candy you lose.
Mine is good at clearing the table, anything there gets nosed to the floor.
Very fuzzy and soft.
They will learn when bedtime is and put themselves back in their crib.
They can reduce a cardboard box into confetti in no time. And without being asked.
Loving on their terms.
Not that expensive to keep. You just need to buy food, lettuce, green beans, hay,litter, litter boxes, papaya enzymes, random healthy treats, extra cords for phone, cellphone, etc.
All total, always adorable!

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Lol About the rabbit finding misplaced candy and clearing the table. My Dutch was like that. He would eat anything, including dog chow. We had a Maltese at the same time, and when we let the rabbit loose in the house, nobody thought he would be at all interested in the dog food. It simply didn't even enter anyone's mind. But when I heard an odd crunching coming from the vicinity of the dog dish, and knew by the strangely cute, non-irritating sound, it wasn't the dog. It was like "What? It couldn't be. No way! It just can't be him!" But, sure enough, Thumper (School had named him) was stuffing face and loving it. Adorable! I was a little worried, and picked him gently up and removed him, but he suffered no ill effects. Other things he tried hard to steal were as strange as rice crispy squares and a stick of gum. No kidding. We fought over the square, and I had to cram that stick of gum into my mouth quick, like one of our lives depended on it, just to keep it away from him. He also ate squashed mosquitoes. I'd be holding him, kill a mosquito, and since he was such a champ licker, he'd lick my hand/wrist/arm no matter if a mosquito had just been ended there. But my lionhead, Felicity, is another story. She is a real finicky eater. She loves her hay, her food, and some greens, including young dandelions. She isn't interested in anything I eat while holding her. And she will even turn down dandelion plant if it's too old. Sometimes she gets annoyed at being put back, or simply my stopping attention too soon. She'll react by thumping. Hehe! the moment I go back to see what the problem is, she's all licks, nuzzles and purrs.

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How cute they are they are so curious and funny and really clean if litterbox trained

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