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A snake! What kind?!

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I love snakes they r so cute in their own reptilian way

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He's a ball Python.
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- Cloud the bunny here -

There's me, as well as my other bunny friends; Cadbury, Eclipse, Valentine, Sonic, Emerald, Bella, Typhoon and the two little babies who are yet to be named 😀

The two dogs, Chocco and Luna.

The Guinea Pig boys, Puzzle and Nate.

The kitties, Koda and Whiskas.

The 6 Neon Tetra fishies.
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2 snakes
3 cockatiels
8 dogs
2 rabbits
honestly could not tell you how many Gerbils, in 100 range give or take
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Pippi the Holland Lop, ready for duty (doody?)

I prefer top think of myself as a fairly civilized bun, with less civilized rabbit housemates. They lived on a farm (I know, right? How crude!), then invaded my house. I fight them whenever I can, even though they're bigger than me. So mom and dad let me have a room all to myself, and the other two get the rest of the house.

Ellie here... that Pippi.. she's such a diva! Butterscotch (the white/brown helicopter bun) and I were raised together, and we LOVE to play and have a good time. I invited Pippi over, and she pulled out my fur!

Pippi: you bet I did!!!

Ellie: Meanie. I didn't do anything to you. I just sat there!

Butterscotch: But we do have a German Shepherd friend, Das Mädchen, that comes to visit us sometimes. She likes to eat our poops.

Pippi: Ugh, that's so disgusting!

Ellie: oh, you do it too, raisin breath!
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Andy here! Most animals I see is outside when my human brings me to my outdoor pen,
I counted 36 chickens! Some fly out and come over to greet me they have strange noses though
Their is also 2 goats that try to escape.
1 dog that tried to claw me through the fence! I think it was trying to play, but boy its got big paws!
1 cat that I love to chase when I get the chance, I don't think it likes me but I don't care, its still fun to chase.
That's all the animals I have ever seen!
Oh snap! My human is coming! Gotta bounce!
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Zelda here. I was recently promoted from Princess Zelda, to Zelda, Queen of the Zoo.
When it gets white outside, my Mom sometimes sings a song about a pear tree. I think she's singing about us!

I live with Stewart the eensy weensy Netherland Dwarf. For a little guy he sure knows what to do when I stick my face down in front of him. He even reaches behind my ears! We like to binky and dig together.

We live next door to Piggy and Carrie, the two piggies. Piggy came here with Stewart, he tagged along for the ride when Mom went to pick Stew up. Stew says he misses Piggy but is happy to see how much he likes to play nose-up games with Carrie.

Then we have four cat roommates. Two of them are bald. The bald ones like to come into our yard and cage all the time, to hang out. One of them, Mitsou, comes in when we get our daily hay, and helps us to eat it. She helps the piggies as well. Sometimes she shares our pellets, too. I don't like one of the hairy cats, his name is Victor. He always wears a mask like a burglar, and has weird red and blue eyes. I know, he's up to no good! If he comes into MY yard, he gets grunts and the bum's rush! Finally there's Thunder, he's a HUGE but wise old cat. He sometimes sits near our yard, but he usually ignores us.

Next there are the two dogs, Fifi and Polly. They aren't much bigger than I am. Once in a while they come and sniff outside the yard. I see them eating something off of the floor beside the fence, looks kinda like my poop!

Here in the living room there are lots of glass boxes on tables. There's a big huge black box that talks, but Mom never talks back. Some of them buzz and make bubbly noises like our water bottle. I see little colourful things moving inside. They don't come to our yard, so no need to worry. My Mom calls them "fish" or "geckos" or "axolotls".

Then there's a cage with a funny little white prickly thing. It doesn't move much, except at night when it comes out and runs and runs on a big wheel. Why doesn't it just binky? It's a lot more fun!

There's another cage, on the wall up high. There's a little fluttery thing inside it. It used to make a lot of pretty noises, but for the past few weeks it's been quiet, and I've seen little feathers falling down. I hope it starts making its noises again soon!

There are others living here too, but I don't see them because they're shut away in a different room. Mitsou told me they're not allowed in there, but a few times they manage to sneak in anyway.

Mitsou told me she saw more small glass boxes, with big, hairy bugs in them. Those bugs have a lot of legs! Each bug has its own box, there are five of them. Nobody knows what they eat.

There's a big cage in there, with three big rats in it. Mitsou told me they used to live in the living room until her sister Yoko tried to break into their cage, and pulled it down on the floor! Luckily for the rats, Mom heard the noise and rescued them before Yoko got hold of them! Yoko LOVES to try and catch little animals. As long as they're smaller than me! So Mom has to keep some of the little animals shut away, so Yoko won't get them.

There's another cage in the bedroom, with three tiny birds called "button quail". I don't know if it's because they're the size of buttons, or cute as a button! Mitsou doesn't know much about them, they're up high where she can't reach. Finally there's a little green bird that makes a lot of noise, I can hear it in the living room. He used to live in here until Yoko got to his cage, too. Mitsou says he's in a bigger cage now, so he must be happy and that's why he makes all that noise.

So that's the Zoo - and I'm their QUEEN! Now I just have to think of some commands to give them...
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My rabbits Lily and Blizzard live with lots of friends...five dogs, 8 turkeys, 30 chicken friends, 5 guineas, four horses, 2 cats, and countless cows. 😄
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i think i need to update mine more clearly (that last one was a bit weird)

1 dog
1 cat
10 turkeys
31 chickens
1 rabbit
(no more goats)
and i do want ducks in the future.

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