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Default My Fellow Rabbits...

I am pleased to report, I have finally conquered this world. Yes, I have these human in my paws. There is nothing holding us back you can now dominate the human world using my simple strategy that I have in these steps;
  1. Groom yourself and when doing so make cute honking noises.
  2. Demand more treats, do so by running around the human's feet in semicircles. Trip them, if possible, they love crashing into things.
  3. While the human creature is dormant in its nest. Run across them several times to get them up. If they fail to rise, body slams work wonders. Once they are awake see step 1.
  4. Without real cause or warning, dart about the room knocking over potentially breakable objects. If something does break, see step 1.
  5. When strangers enter the world, demand their loyalty in the form of treats (step 2) and grooming but reject them should they try to pick you up.

Once you have domesticated the humans, they will be your loyal minions. They will drop everything to see to your needs.

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Pippi here: this is absolutely perfect! I've been trying to get my humans to give me more treats for ages, but I think your way might work! My humans are stubborn..

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Cloud here: Hahaha yes!! I have tried training my humans, but nothing seems to work. I have decided that I am not declaring my love for them enough - so I've begun spraying them. It works really good!! They pay attention right away!
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Cinder here: These steps really do work! Ever since I got my human I've been training her! I especially like rule #2 because when she trips she always comes and kisses the heck out of me to make sure I'm OK! #3 has always worked with me because she always ends up getting up and running around doing binki's with me! My human is now my minion!😊🐇
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Missy here: my human is a work in progress. She always tries to take me outside to play because she knows I adore running outside! What's up with that? Then, hours later when it's time to go back home. I don't wanna! Instead I go all bunny ninja on her. Then I proceed to doing #1 and nudging her leg all cute and cuddly.
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Default Getting to now people

what ways does anybody suggest to get a bunny to know you that has not had a lot of contact with people
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Lots of patience. Try sitting still with the rabbit while the rabbit is in its pen (if it's an xpen), or in an enclosed room. Just sit there, and let the rabbit investigate you. Don't put a lot of pressure on making the rabbit do what you want. You are working on the rabbit's terms. I'm sure someone else has better experience. Try making a post in the General Rabbit forum, or the Behavior forum. :-)

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