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Default Rabbit Vs Brother

My brother hates my rabbit.
Well, hate is too strong of a word. Maybe dislike is better?
When I first got Garnet my brother was fine with her, a bit uneasy, but fine. But the moment she chewed up his phone charger, it all started.
I can understand him being upset, I mean the rabbit chewed up two of his chargers and a few of his other things. But what I don't understand is that if the rabbit chewed up something of yours, wouldn't you keep your things out of the rabbit's reach? I'll get back to this.
Every since she's chewed up some of his things, he's held a grudge against her. I have Garnet in a pretty large bunny condo that I made, but my brother does the most unnecessary things. Garnet has indeed escaped from the condo a few times but that was my own fault as I didn't take the necessary look over to watch for any weak spots. (She hasn't escaped in months though, so we're all good.) But because my brother is neurotic about her escaping, he literally puts the heaviest things bordering her cage, including the top, so she can't escape. I understand why he wouldn't want her escaping, but I feel like putting anything heavy for a barrier around her cage when she hasn't escaped in months is ridiculous. I have patched up and strengthened the condo, including multiple zips and weights, yet he still continues to put heavy things around it. Ever since I've expanded her condo she's made no effort to escape, so what's the point?
I want things to be alright on both ends. My brother gets upset about the smallest things, which he's admitted to. He constantly leaves food in our room that Garnet has eaten on multiple occasions (which includes sour gummy worms, potato chips and buttload of chocolate candy. Garnet's fine, she just had a little tummy ache but eventually passed it through) and literally gets mad at the rabbit for eating it. It's not like he put them on a table or anything, he literally leaves it on the floor like an invitation for her to eat them. He gets angry at her for chewing up things yet he leaves them on the ground in the first place.
I would love to get Garnet a friend. I feel like she'd benefit from one, and maybe even stop targeting his things as a way to have fun. But I know that he would 100% not be alright with a second rabbit if he can't even stand the rabbit we have now.

Sorry about how long this is, I just really needed to vent. I want things to be good on both Garnet and my brother's sides. I would greatly appreciate some help, and if you have any questions or are confused about the whole situation, ask away.

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Its ok, always good to have vent at times like this. First things first, Id tell your brother that if you were to get another rabbit, it would mean that the rabbits would be more interested in each other than him. Also I would maybe suggest getting like a box where he can put things that the rabbit will chew, such as food, chargers and toys. Do be careful what your bunny eats though, my bunny bit the Xmas lights hes fine though. Hope this helps

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Doesn't your home have doors? Why don't you put the rabbit in a rabbit-proofed room with the door closed at all times when you are not watching her to avoid problems? If you don't have a room with a door, you can put a baby gate to prevent the rabbit from getting out. Your bunny needs at least 5 - 6 hours a day outside of her cage but it's next to impossible to bunnyproof an entire flat / house and considering how careless your brother sounds letting wander everywhere when you are not watching her like a hawk (hard to do for 5 or 6 hours a day ^^) seems like an accident waiting to happen. Living with other people and rabbits is not the easiest thing. I know, I've lived with my parents and sisters and my two rabbits (and they did a lot of damage despite being the best of bunny friends ^^') in a flat during five years. I got yelled at a lot by family members for damage my rabbits did (they ate SOOO many books and electrical cords and one of my rabbits at the time had a passion for zippers ^^'). In the end, I kept them in my closed room where they were free to roam and only let them out for an hour or so when I could supervise. They destroyed things of mine, which my mum also yelled at me for, but it limited the damage and after a lot of trials and errors I successfully bunny-proofed my room. Then, I moved and took care to select a place with a serviceable bunny room which resolved a lot of my problems (they destroyed the wall paper but it was ugly anyway...).
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cut a small hole in cardboard box that is big enough for you bunny to move around in once he/she has chewed the hole bigger. Mine love "carving up' cardboard boxes to their own liking. They then play with them for awhile. When the box is mostly destroyed I replace it.
Save old paper towel rolls and fill them with hay. The bunnies will entertain themselves tearing it apart to get to the hay. They like to then throw it in the air, etc. also hard plastic cat toy balls with bells inside make a fun toy for the bunnies too. they get bored and need things to do.
I have also put treats in cardboard boxes with a small hole and let them find a way in to eat.
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I do actually have a spare bathroom completely connected to my bedroom that hasn't been used in years that I can put her in (with the necessary bunny-proofing of course). The only issue is is that it is currently housing two foster kittens. They are extremely playful and curious so that bathroom is the only place to keep them contained. They are staying with us until we have someone is able to take them in, and kittens are exactly the easiest to adopt out, meaning they'll be around for a bit, so Garnet has to remain in my room.
I've massively ziptied her cage to at least buffer her from getting out. She's peed on my bed three times already in the past week and it's getting out of hand. She was fine before, but ever since I got a new guinea pig suddenly she's been breaking out of her cage every night and peeing on bed (the piggies are right next to my bed, she's weirdly obsessed with them). This has happened once or twice before after I got a new pet, but this time she's especially bad. Rabbits are weird.

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