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This woman had a special gift to be able to rescue these poor bunnies. It also took great courage as she did not know if this person would have hurt her. Someone who can kill an animal can also kill a human.

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Originally Posted by AlptnMrl730 View Post
This is probably not as bad as the ceaseless hell that rabbits that are raised for meat must endure. It is also horribly cruel, when people who can no longer care for their rabbits give them to breeders and meat farmers. Nothing is more sad than to see a pair of domestic pet rabbits living in constant terror trying to comfort and protect themselves while they await their horrible fate. Rabbits know when they are going to be killed because they can hear the cries and smell the blood of other rabbits. I hate breeders and rabbit meat farmers. Unfortunately, these cretins operate in suburban neighborhoods where they draw rough and sometimes dangerous people into the neighborhood. If you see rabbits kept in hutches and they are often without food or water, and left out on the coldest and hottest days, and you see boxes and tools of slaughter, you know they are being kept for food. You can however call the local humane society if there is one, and report these cretins for animal cruelty. Many breeders are not licensed and are not paying taxes on their blood money. Report these bastards.
I am very pro-shelter animal (my three current pets were euthanasia row animals) but NOT all breeders (nor most) are evil or deserve to be hated. Further, how is raising your own rabbits for meat any different from raising your own chickens? And why would a breeder or meat rabbit operation leave rabbits without food or water- isn't the point of a meat rabbit to GROW? Sort of need food and water for that. What do you think happens to these animals after the breeding/meat operation is shut down? Most are killed (shelters are already full of animals that actually like people- why fill them with hundreds of 'unadoptables'?). Animal cruelty is NEVER ok, but really how often are these backyard rabbit farms actually cruel? And how is this different from any other meat operation?

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