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Default New here and looking to get a rabbit in a littler over a year.

I've owned two rabbits when I was a child, 7 years apart, both having to be rehomed due to having to move because of a parent's job.

The first was a female lop named Gidget. We got her from a woman that owned the stable we kept our horse at. Gidget loved to turn the pages of books and would play with our dog.

Roy was also a lop. We got him from a feedstore and only had him for a little under a year before we had to move again. He loved celery and would follow me all over the house.

Looking back, they had too small of cages and probably weren't fed the best food (my parents weren't the type to read up on whatever animal they acquired, besides the horses that is).

I'm moving to the Portland area next year and will finally have the room to keep a rabbit in a good sized pen. It won't be sitting in a little hutch or cage, I'm def going to be making it a little "playground" in the house.

In my life I've had a little bit of everything. Various birds, rodents, horses, donkeys, goats, and numerous poultry (chickens, ducks, Guinea Fowl, and turkeys).

I'm planning on getting the rabbit from a rescue in Portland called Rabbit Advocates (they sound sane compared to other rabbit rescues I've looked into).

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Sounds like you have a good plan!
I use to have rabbits when I was younger too and it seems the way that we treated them, and how it was socially acceptable to treat them back then is way different than it is now. (Thank God). I feel terrible knowing what I know now but you live and you learn. )
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Kudos to your approach of learning more about rabbits before you get one (again!). Seriously - there's a lot to learn and it's way better to hit the ground running than to play catch-up, especially at the expense of your furry friend's health and well-being. So, good job! I have found this to be an excellent forum, with great members and a lot of good info.

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