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Default My rabbit is too shy?

Hi this is my first post, I'm hoping to get some advice.

I have two rabbits named Cola and Velvet, they were bought from the pet store and I believe they are sisters,When I first got them they were not very comfortable with me holding them, so I would take them in everyday to let them settle on my lap. They seemed pretty relaxed, but as soon as they return to the cage, they hide and run.
After a few weeks of the same routine I figured it wasn't working out for them or me. So I tried sitting with them in the run, letting them sniff me and feeding them dandelion leaves when they approach, this worked for Velvet however, but Cola is still fleeing.
Everyday I let them out to put them in the run, hopefully soon when the garden if completely safe, the entire garden. (I've had previous rabbits who ran freely in the garden) and then I take them in at night, feed them and fill up their water bottle if it's low or empty.
I know it may take longer for other rabbits to get used to it, but for Cola, it's been almost 3 months, and I'm not sure how to help her.
They're both rex breeds, and I wasn't sure how they were treated previously in the pet store.
Any help would be much appreciated, thank you for reading.

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some take longer than others to over come their natural instinct to run and hide. we've had ours for almost 4 months, she was a FFA show rabbit. still fairly skittish.

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I'm aware, I hope one day they'll settle in, and the same for yours too.
I thought there might've been something that I needed to do differently or change.
Thank you for your reply
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It sounds like you are doing everything right. If they are old enough, try offering special treats (e.g. a small slice of banana) ONLY from your hands. That way they associate you and only you with said special treat. Maybe that will help!!
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After hormones have kicked in and before spaying is not the best time anyway. Most rabbits tend to range from 'horrible jerks' to 'mega skittish' with some 'most disgusting creature ever' from 3 months until the disappearance of hormones... ^^'
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Your post was definitely helpful

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