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Default RabbitsOnline Forum Policy and Decorum

Rabbits Online Forum Policy & Decorum:

All rabbit lovers, including show breeders, activists, commercial breeders, and pet owners, are welcome here at Rabbits Online.

Rabbits Online is a community discussion forum geared towards providing education about humane rabbit care in all facets (housing, breeding, nutrition, health, behaviour ,etc.)

We do not discuss the mechanics of dispatch/killing, processing or consumption (fur, meat, etc.)in any form. The sole exception to this rule is the mechanics of humane euthanization (under the AVMA Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals) posted as required information, within the confines of the Rabbitry portion of the Forum. Sole Exception: Rabbitry discussion of dispatch of deformed kits. Must be tagged as GRAPHIC.
We recognize that the topic of euthanization may come up during "end-of-days" discussions for ill rabbits - those discussion situations will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

This policy ensures that all members of Rabbits Online can participate comfortably.

Rabbits Online supports breeders who breed rabbits that are healthy and genetically sound. We will never support those who encourage backyard breeding, selling of kits at too young of an age, breeding of animals with unknown histories, or those who are out to only make a profit, or those doing so just for the “experience”. We fully support those who put the welfare of their animals first. This support is provided through mutual learning and knowledge sharing to ensure responsible, humane breeding practices.

Rabbits Online is focused on providing the educational tools to help ALL rabbit owners provide their rabbits with humane treatment for a happy, healthy life.

This goal is met through polite discussion and respectful debate, as overseen by the Moderation Staff.

Forum Usage Policy:

When you sign up for an account with, and use the RabbitsOnline Forums, you agree to the following:

1. No posting of inappropriate/immoral/illegal material. (if you are unsure of exactly what this means, PM a moderator for clarification) Try and keep it at least PG 13.

2. Strictly No Profanity, name calling, nor disrespectful comments permitted. Personal vendettas between members will not be tolerated in any form. We are keeping it classy, folks!

3. Post in a mature/sensible/respectful manner. No abrasive or negative posts on any topic, nor posting of obviously inflammatory topics (eg: rabbit meat, breeder vs.animal rights attacks). There is to be absolutely no discussion of rabbits for consumption applications (meat, fur, etc.).

4. Flamers, Trolls and those looking only to incite controversy will be subject to immediate punishment up to and including being banned from the forum. Please choose your words carefully. Respectful discussion and debate is encouraged; however, you are required to behave and conduct yourself in a respectful manner at all times. It is each member’s responsibility to “agree to disagree” as needed.

5. No sharing of anyone else's personal information without their express, written permission.

6. Please use the search tool (top left corner of the page). Chances are that there is or was already a discussion covering your question/topic. Please look through the forum titles and explanations and post in the most appropriate forum. You're much more likely to get a useful reply if your message is in a location where it will find the right audience. Moderators may move threads which were posted in incorrect forums.

7. Please, no "txtr" or “l337” style typing. Abbreviations are acceptable for specific terms, and even the occasional lol or ROTFLMAO, but in the context of a conversation, please spell the words out. It helps to create a more readable and inviting forum experience for everyone.

8. Please use punctuation and proper sentence structure to make your post more legible to the rest of the readers.

9. Do not “Bump” your threads more than once every 3 days. If the last post in your thread is your post "bumping" the thread for more response, or if you have bumped your thread within the last day, don’t bump it again. Excessive bumping may result in the locking or deleting of your thread. Likewise, attention-seeking behaviour (such as purposely derailing others conversations to talk about your own threads) is not welcome here.

10. Use the “Edit” feature to edit your posts when available. No need to post 3 or 4 updates in a row to the thread when you can edit your original post. Please do not create multiple topics for the same question. Posting follow up questions in your previous related topic allows for better archiving of information for future readers, and helps other members to understand your entire situation. Should significant editing be required, please contact a moderator for assistance.

11. Do not create multiple usernames. If a member is found to be posting under multiple user names, all accounts will be suspended. The sole exception to this rule is the creation of a posting account under your rabbit’s name, for use in the Bunny Chat section of the forum.

12. Make the title to your threads as descriptive as possible. Example "Help My rabbit is sick" could be "My _____ is doing _____.". Moderators may edit your topic title at their discretion.

13. Maximum photo size is 1024x768. If you are struggling with photos, please contact the Camera Corner moderator, or another moderator of your choosing.

14. No raffles or giveaways permitted, unless authorized by the Administration.

15. No linking to donation sites or petitions or advertising of websites with items for sale.

16. No sale of animals permitted. Rescue animals to be re-homed only. Accurate location must be provided.

17. Please refrain from advertising your own website or linking to other rabbit forums. If you wish to link to your personal website you may list it as your home page in your profile. There is ample information available in the RO library and links to other sites may be removed at a mod or admins discretion.

18. Only registered vendors are allowed to advertise their product or service on RabbitsOnline. For more information please send Administration a private message.

19. The following actions are subject to immediate banning: the posting of 'adult' material, the use of extreme profanity, spam-style advertising, the posting of personal information about another member or moderator without their permission, ignoring repeated warnings of policy infractions (as listed above, Forum Policy items #1-18).

In the Event of Policy Violation:
Warnings may be given in a thread or via PM for infringements but moderators may/can/will ban a user without warning at their discretion depending on the infraction. This is not something we enjoy doing (ok, except for Spammers. They’re fun to ban…), but we want this forum to be a welcome place for people of all experience levels to share, learn, and grow. Disrespect towards others will not be tolerated in any forum; that approach does not lead to a strong, positive community. If necessary, those members who cannot participate in good faith will be removed from the group.

Please note, no refunds will be made to individuals who have become “Supporting Members” if they are removed from the community for violation of the rules.

Moderation Policy:

Our Moderators are goodwill ambassadors and hosts, not hall monitors. They will ensure peace by appropriate actions such as locking hostile threads and issuing warnings. They are asked to avoid criticizing or nagging. They will respond to members criticizing or nagging each other with a good humored reminder that whatever the point is has been made, "so lets move on."

Any post construed as mean or critical of another member will be temporarily pulled from the board and returned to the member posting it with a request to reword the post before re submitting it to the moderator for approval and reposting.

We ask that all forum users treat young and/or mentally challenged authors with kid gloves.

All opinions are welcome, but those that will obviously cause dissension should be cooled with the same response as above and locked threads when warranted. Members are responsible for being able to politely “agree to disagree”, as needed.

Disagreements/clashes between members will be cooled with orders to take the fight to Private Messaging. If the members continue sniping at each other, an order can be given that the members are not allowed to respond to each others posts. They should also be notified that if one party is abusive while the other party handles themselves with maturity, the abusive party is far more likely to be banned, no matter where they sit on the issue.

Members who regularly demonstrate that they cannot respectfully engage with the community under this policy, may be shifted to moderated posting, whereby moderators will preview each of that member's posts before adding the member's comments to any thread. If needed, the member will receive a temporary vacation from the forum, to allow tempers to cool and peace and perspective to be restored.

In the unfortunate event that a member perpetually causes more negative controversy than positive contribution, the member shall be banned from participating in the forum area.

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