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I read online to trim his nail when there is a cut. but I don't trim his nails. Bc I take him to a groomer who cuts them Bc I don't feel confident enough to do it since I've never cut any pets nails b4 and never wanna go too deep so I have a professional do it so idk what to do right now. I'm worried about him bc There is a little blood.

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Normally, you would start a new topic for something like this and put it in the "Health & Wellness" section. That allows the most people to see it and gives you the best chance for a reply. You would give it a title that lets people know it is about a nail problem. (This is all for future reference)

For now, though, you can read the following thread about this topic. Just click on the line below:

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I don't know if you solved your problem, but a nail cut or broken a bit high will bleeding a bit. That's normal, it happens, and it is nothing to freak out about. If it's bleeding still you can put haemostatic powder or cornstarch on the nail to stop the blood. If the nail is still hanging but mostly cut, cut the part that is mostly detached from the nail because it could get caught on something and rip the rest of the nail out. It probably hurts a bit, so your rabbit might not want to fully put weight on his paw for a few days, but the nail will grow back and it's nothing serious. When it's not bleeding anymore, you can dip his toe on some antiseptic solution safe for rabbits like biseptine once or twice a day for a few days to avoid infection , but it's probably not even necessary.
If your rabbit looks like he is hurting tomorrow and that it's impeding his consomption of food or anything you might need to go to a vet to get metacam (it's like ibuprofen for us - it's sage and works well for mild pain, it's actually useful to have some at home in case the rabbit is hurting from anything to a small accident to a stomach ache).
Like you were told, next time, create a thread where you explain clearly your problem. People will reply sooner and it will be more efficient - I recognized this as an old thread and almost didn't click on it because some new members have a tendancy to reply to posts which have been inactive for years...

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