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November 19, 2013


Gandalf is a 6 old male mini lion lop with a single mane and a really inquisitive and friendly nature. He loves getting attention and having long cuddles, lying near my shoulder and getting stroked is one of his favourite places to be! He's really energetic and loves running about, jumping around and climbing whatever he thinks he can climb including the cat tree! Because he is so energetic he has lots of binkies and he loves digging and playing in his forage box, especially with the scrunched up paper! When he is out playing he will often nudge my feet if he wants a cuddle and loves to chase the cat Jenny around then run away hoping she will join in the game. He loves to play chasing games then lie flat out somewhere in the room close to me.

He is the kind of bunny that makes you smile on your worst day, always enjoys a cuddle and loves being sung to and snuggling up to have an ear scratch.
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