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  • Harford, New York, USA
  • Flying, photography, Scouting, Ham Radio
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  • Posted in thread: Name ideas for my English Lop on 07-06-2017 at 01:52 AM
    I suppose English names would be appropriate (or British, at least). Since you want pairs, how
    about: [*]Jeeves and Bertie (Wooster) - from PG Woodhouse's stories[*](King) Arthur and (Sir)

  • Posted in thread: Natasha Rabbitova's 2017 Blog on 06-26-2017 at 12:19 AM
    I've seen these beds from Ikea in a number of bunny pictures, and I decided to get one for
    Natasha. She definitely seems to like it, although I have yet to find her actually lying down
    in it. She will...

  • Added a new Photo on 06/26/2017

  • Posted in thread: What breed are we? on 06-12-2017 at 12:41 AM
    There's a Rabbit Identification Key here on Rabbits Online - you navigate through the questions
    about your bunny, and hopefully you'll wind up with an answer. You can find the key at Of
    course, many...

  • Posted in thread: Why did you choose a rabbit as a pet? What you love? on 05-15-2017 at 12:02 AM
    I also have never liked rodents in general.No problem there. Rabbits aren't even remotely
    related to rodents. They're lagomorphs, along with hares, cottontails and pikas. There was a
    DNA study a few ...

  • Posted in thread: Why did you choose a rabbit as a pet? What you love? on 05-08-2017 at 12:58 AM
    I didn't choose a rabbit, at least at first. One evening, my son walked in and dropped a ball
    of soft, grey fur on my lap and announced that the furball was a Mini-Rex rabbit named "Scone".
    was supp...

  • Posted in thread: Natasha Rabbitova's 2017 Blog on 05-08-2017 at 12:34 AM
    Hard to believe it's May already - especially since we had a bit of snow this afternoon. That's
    not unheard of in chilly Central New York State, but it's depressing when the Spring birds are
    on the fe...

  • Added a new Photo on 05/08/2017

  • Added a new Photo on 05/08/2017

  • Posted in thread: Do you have a pet rabbit? on 03-07-2017 at 04:41 PM
    I still live with Natasha Rabbitova. She's eight-and-a-half now, and still going strong.

  • Natasha Rabbitova
    Natasha Rabbitova
  • Scone MacBunny (RIP)
    Scone MacBunny (RIP)

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